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SWDC Water Training Awards

Whilst creating the required paperwork for the SWDC Remote Water Training Tests, which were announced in dispatches in September 2020, the Committee have also been considering the current water tests.

Rather than just amend, we have decided to take this opportunity to review and where appropriate, revise the current SWDC Water Awards.

We want to take into consideration as many relevant sources as we can, building on from the work of the original SWDC team of Diane Phillipson, Faye Allen and Margaret Mills. They were supported by Janet Peart, Lynn Napier and Kylee Noad (amongst others) and we will incorporate the developments that Pat Booth has provided over the years.

Some of our current ideas include:

  • introducing Rosettes at every level

  • creating a new ‘Introduction to Water’ level

  • the option to submit videos for virtual assessment, so that you can access the water awards closer to home

  • introducing two new extending levels above Gold - Diamond and Platinum - that all can aspire towards

If you would like to be involved in the Consultation process, please contact the Water Coordinator for more information

Our current plan is to prepare this development for our breed in time to celebrate 30 years of Spanish Water Dogs in the UK

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