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Photo by Noriko Brewster

The Spanish Water Dog Club are very excited to be able to bring the most comprehensive genealogy of the breed since it first arrived in the UK.


We are extremely grateful to Wanda Sooby, co-author of The Spanish Water Dog Book, for kindly providing the information.  In support of the document she has supplied the following information: 

"The information presented in this spreadsheet has been gathered from The Kennel Club's Breed Records Supplements for gundogs since 1992, when the breed was first accepted on the Imported Breeds Register. Since that time I have transferred the information issued by The Kennel Club every quarter, which was relatively simple when I started but, as numbers of dogs registered have increased at a great rate it is a time consuming task but I see it as 'a labour of love' and I will continue as long as I am able.

The majority of this information is available in the public domain for all to see if anyone wishes to research it, but a small percentage is what has been forwarded to me by breeders and owners and has been added with their permission.

I would like to add that because of the human element, namely myself, now and aged pensioner, it is possible for the odd error to creep in, so if anyone spots a mistake I would very much like to be informed so that I can correct it.  I can be contacted through the Club.

Happy reading

Wanda Sooby"

Please note that Wanda has requested that the SWDC update the list going forward from 2021.  The publication of the updates for 2021 were delayed as the BRS were delayed from the KC. 

We currently have data including AZ4/2 - Quarter 4 2022.   

If you do notice any errors please email

Updated August 2023

Includes Breed Records up to and included in Supplement AZ4/2 (Winter 2022)

To download a copy of the genealogy sheet (up to AZ4/2) please click the below icon.

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