Ambassador Awards

Each year, following the Annual General Meeting, The Spanish Water Dog Club host the Amabassador Awards.  These awards recognise individual dogs and their owners/handlers across various disciplines for the outstanding merit and contribution they have made to the breed throughout the year.  Nominations for the awards usually open in January, with the AGM and awards taking place in March.



Dear Members, 
We are pleased to announce the Spanish Water Dog Club Members “Ambassador Awards” are now OPEN too receive your nominations as listed below. The awards are for excellence in 2019.  
Please send a written resume, together with a photo and tell us why you think your choice of dog and handler should be picked as the top SWD in 2019 for the category’s listed below. 
New for 2020 we will be inviting last year’s Winners to the AGM, so they can present the Trophy to this Year’s Winner of their category. What a better way to share stories, enjoy each other’s success and meet members. 
These results will again be decided by our President Faye Allen and announced in a special Awards Ceremony after the AGM on the 15th March 2020. 
The SWDC also give awards to dogs who have excelled in the Show Ring and Top Flyball Dog these results are calculated from published points systems and Awarded at the AGM. 
We hope you will take the time to nominate your favourite and get their name on the wonderful Trophy which they keep for 12 months, all nominees receive a special Certificate in acknowledgment of their achievements. 
So please share with us stories of your wonderful dogs. 
Good Luck   Pat, Nigel, Nigel, Fiona, Ainsley, Sue, Jeremy, Jane, Lee, Julia, Nat and Kate  your Committee. 


1. WORKING GUN DOG Ambassadors

Awarded to dog and handler in recognition for contribution to Gun Dog Work


2. AGILITY Ambassadors

Awarded to dog and handler for outstanding achievement in Agility or Hooper’s


3. COMPANION DOG Ambassadors

Awarded to the DOG whose loyal companionship has enhanced a human life


4. SPLASH Ambassadors

Awarded for best dog and handler Team in any water - based sport or activity  


5. OBEDIENCE Ambassadors

Awarded for dog and handler top skills in any of the obedience disciplines


6. The NOSE Ambassadors

Awarded to the DOG with the most outstanding nose work, from any form of nose work or tracking skills 
Nominations should please be emailed to On or before 9TH March 2020 

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The Ambassador Awards 2020

The Spanish Water Dog Club is proud to be  recognised as the only official Kennel Club Breed Club for the Spanish Water Dog in the UK.

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