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 Ambassador Awards 

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Within the SWD Club we are very lucky to have various ways to celebrate our dogs' successes both in the show ring and in the community. 

We have Annual Awards given to Club Members' dogs for their successes in the Show Ring, Annual Awards which are nominated by other Club members, for dogs and their owners who have excelled in other competitive activities  or community representation, Show Ambassadors and Breed Ambassadors.


One of the ways is to be an Ambassador, is to volunteer to be a Breed Ambassador.  Every year, we are asked by the Kennel Club, to represent the breed at Discover Dogs events.  Usually they are held during the 4 days of Crufts in March at the NEC Birmingham and at the ExCel Center, London in October. 

Many volunteer dogs and their families join these events, to talk to the general public about the pros and cons of living with a Spanish Water Dog.  You can learn more about these events here:

We were fortunate enough to be featured during the Crufts 2022 TV coverage, where Elma took center stage.

We also celebrate those volunteers who are Breed Ambassadors at the Games Fairs all across the UK and those who assist the Judges' Sub Committee and our Breed Education Coordinator, Anthony Allen, with our Breed Appreciation Days.  These are to teach and encourage Judges in our breed, with hands-on assessments and demonstrations.

All our representatives become Breed Ambassadors and they are recognised by the SWD Club with Certificates and Medals.

We have had some fabulous times over the years, sharing our experiences with the public about our amazing breed.

If you are a club member and would like to volunteer, please get in touch with the Honorary Secretary here :

Please see below for some images from our breed enthusiasts and some are pictured with their awards !  More information can be found on the Breed Ambassador page.






Rachel with Loli and Pedra

Sherree with Rubi

Poppy, still representing the breed at 14 years young




Show Ambassadors information page can be found on the dropdown link under Ambassador Awards.  



Information about Annual Awards for Nominations and Show pages can be found on the dropdown menu link under Ambassador Awards. 

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