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Puppy Buyers' Guide

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Spanish Water Dog Puppies

The following questions and information are just some of the things to think about when you are considering getting a Spanish Water Dog Puppy. 


Please be prepared to do you research around the breed.  As well as you taking the time to find a breeder, a breeder will want to be sure that the home they are sending their puppy to will provide it a lifetime of happiness, love and support.  Any reputable and respected breeder will care more about the ongoing health and welfare of their dogs once they have left their mother, than simply seeking a quick sale.

SWDC Puppy Buyers Guide

  • Visit breeders at home to see the dogs in their home environment.

  • Ask to see all relevant health test documents for both parents of the puppies – (currently- Hipscore, prcdPRA-DNA, Glaucoma, Annual Eye Test).

  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the breeders you visit.

  • Will the puppy be Kennel Club registered?

  • Ask to see a copy of the puppy contract before purchase.

  • Always see Mum with her puppies.

  • If you wish to see Dad, ask if this would be possible.

  • Ask what the contents of your puppy pack will contain…ideally this should include:

    • A diet sheet,

    • Details/advice on worming and flea treatment.

    • Any vaccinations given.

    • Microchip details,

    • KC Registration Document,

    • Copies of health test results of both parents,

    • Puppy contract,

    • Advice for puppy owners document,

    • Puppy’s pedigree.

    • A small bag of food that the puppy is currently being fed.

  • Any endorsements on the puppy’s Kennel Club Registration document should be fully explained to you.

  • Ask what food the puppies will/are being fed and why.

  • Where will the puppies be raised?

  • What, if any, socialisation will be done with the puppies before they leave for their new homes?

  • Will Mum have access to the puppies right up until they leave for their new homes?

  • Do Mum and her puppies appear to be in good health? Will the puppies be vet checked before they leave the breeder?

  • “The Spanish Water Dog Book” by Wanda Sooby & Di Williamson is great and authoritative source of information and is often recommended by breeders, and is full of valuable information about the background of the breed, their temperament, training advice and much more.  The book can be purchased here.

  • Will the breeder be available as a point of contact to offer advice and support throughout dog’s life?

  • Be prepared to answer questions regarding how the puppy will be cared for.

  • There is a BLOG about #bepuppywise in August 2020 - you can access it here:



Download: SWDC Puppy Buyers Guide

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