Health Reports 


The breed club commissions health surveys of Spanish Water Dogs located or bred within the UK.  This is to assist in indentifying any new, previously unreported conditions, along with any existing known conditions in order to establish the scale and effect on the breed as a whole. 

The survey comprises a number of questions that current owners of Spanish Water Dogs are asked to respond to, with the results being based on those responses recieved within the allocated time frame. 


The survery benefits breeders by informing them of issues within the breed, allowing them to test for conditions and try and breed them out to maintain the health of the SWD's.  It also informs both the Spanish Water Dog Club and the Kennel Club  




2014 Health Report

2017 Health Report

2017 AGM Health presentation

The Spanish Water Dog Club is proud to be  recognised as the only official Kennel Club Breed Club for the Spanish Water Dog in the UK.

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