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To those that are uninitiated in the delicate art of Flyball, it is a fast passed (and often noisy) relay race competition consisting of teams of 4 dogs and their human handlers.  The teams race against each other along a 15 foot (15.5m) 



The original importers of our breed in the early 1990’s, knowing the history of “agua” in the name, quickly sort to join the local Newfoundland Club to train our dogs in water rescue. Putting their natural retrieve instinct to good use in collecting items lost overboard and swimming out to retrieve surfboards and other small watercraft, even with the odd Newfie on board. Over the years as the breed was becoming established in the uk enthusiasts continued to enjoy these fun activities with their dogs.

2014 saw the official introduction of the SWDC New Natural Aptitude Water Tests designed to keep our dog’s heritage and skills alive, formally encouraging you with rewards for you and your dogs. These tests were developed by the SWDC from some of the historically traditional jobs our breed undertook as part of its daily routine in Spanish coastal fishing villages, in the north Llarado and the south Cadiz.

Tests were designed to complement those skills required by the breed classification within the Gun Dog Group: Minority Spaniel, where formal KC gun dog tests are available, which generally include water retrieves.

Our SWDC tests are specific to our breed and reflect other, more demanding, aspects of traditional water skills used by Spanish fishermen decades ago. These tests are designed to harness and refine the natural skills which are stamped into the DNA of many of our breed. Many of you have already seen how good your dog is in water, retrieving and diving for sunken or lost toys! You are indeed seeing the SWD’s natural abilities which they love to practice. Our aim is to hone these skills and provide you with a framework to gauge and train your dog to be able to achieve our tests, which are recorded to preserve our Breeds heritage and provide you with achievement certificates.

The Spanish Water Dog Club is proud to be  recognised as the only official Kennel Club Breed Club for the Spanish Water Dog in the UK.

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