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Water Awards 

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The club hold regular water training days to work towards water awards. 


This training has been specifically designed to gently help the dogs get used to working in the water under controlled situations. Whilst some of the breed show no fear and go diving straight in, others can be a little more tentative as they start out and need help and encouragement to introduce them to the water to set their nerves at rest.  It is  vitally important though that  the dog is not pushed into a position it is not comfortable with.  Doing so will only serve to raise its wariness of the water, making it harder to coax them back in.  Let the dog lead in what it's comfortable doing.  That way it's natural ability will grow and start to take over and soon enough they will love it so much you will be struggling to get them out.

Level 1




















Level 2






Level 3

Level 4

















We are aiming to add Level 5 in 2023.

Remote Testing Submissions

Not everyone can attend the training sessions or achieve all the requirements at one event.  SWDC has devised a remote scheme to work in conjunction with the water awards, to enable teams to achieve levels or complete levels already partially completed with Club.   Please see pdf below, setting out the requirements for remote submissions.

It is vital to contact the Lead Water Trainer prior to commencing any water work for you and your dogs' safety.  


Spanish Water Dogs, like humans, don’t all swim, and many need a little help to swim correctly.

Be aware if you notice your dog swims upright .  It would be better to use a buoyancy aid to help it learn to use its back legs.  Also water ingestion can be fatal so please moderate water retrieves if your dog carries the object low in the water, this can result in the dog swallowing large amounts of water. A constant ‘rasping’ sound signals water hitting the back of the throat, try changing the weight of the decoy, to see if this helps. If training, take regular dog down time to keep your dog’s adrenaline lower and recovery time quicker.

Swimming with your dog is great fun but please remember there are risks and be careful-never swim in water that has Blue Green Algae or if in the sea be aware of rip tides.

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Water Skills - Level 2.PNG
Water Skills - Level 3.PNG
Water Skills - Level 4.PNG
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