Committee Members


Antonio Garcia Perez


Faye Allen

Vice – President

Jeff Horswell

Vice – President

Carol Page

Vice – President

Chris Page



Pat Booth

Acting Honorary Secretary & Media Representative

Jenny Abrahams

Acting Honorary Treasurer

Jeremy Bloom


Vice Chair & Chair, Judges Sub Committee

Sue Nicholls-Ward

Co-opted Committee Member &

Breed Health Coordinator

Rachel Cooper

Committee Member

Ainsley Procter

Co-opted Committee Member

Kate Hodgkinson-Rutherford

Committee member

& Website Coordinator

Lee Ladlow

Committee member - Merchandise, Country Fair & Gundog Work Coordinator

Jane Appleton

Committee Member

Kate Wilden

Co-opted Member


Co-opted Member


Other Committee Appointed Positions

Breed Education Coordinator

Anthony Allen

Show Secretary

Carol Palumbo

Cup Steward

Fiona Donaldson

Photo courtesy of Noriko Brewster

The Spanish Water Dog Club is proud to be  recognised as the only official Kennel Club Breed Club for the Spanish Water Dog in the UK.

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