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Welcome to the Spanish Water Dog Club Blog!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Spanish Water Dog

The Times they are a changing!

We know that we have fallen a little behind in keeping up with pace of technology, but we have turned a corner and are determined to catch up. In this day and age information is the key and with the presence of so many social media outlets and differing methods of getting messages out there we have embraced the need to evolve. It is vitally important to the committee to help keep our members up to date, not only with the latest goings on from inside the club, but also to bring you items of interest about Spanish Water Dogs as a breed, both from here in the UK and from elsewhere around the world.

As you'll see this new website is up and running. We wanted to re-develop it to make it easier for our members to navigate and also to help us to provide enhanced features in the future. You will more than likely have noticed that some of the pages are still in development and currently have no content on. This is because we are working on that content in the background and want to make absolutely sure it is right before we release it. Rest assured though we are working hard to try and make this site one of the foremost authorities to go to to learn all things Spanish Water Dog.

As part of our evolution we are excited to bring you this, our very own blog page. Whilst the main pages of the website will be dedicated to giving general information about the breed, the blog will be more focused on bringing you specific articles that are relevant to what's going on in the world of SWD's now. We'll also use it to help signpost you to new things that you will probably want to be aware of and maybe some things you haven't considered before. One of those things is our new guide to showing. If you've ever fancied competing at a dog show, or just wondered how you go about qualifying your dog to compete for Crufts Best In Show then this is the place to start. Oh and it's a great way to meet new friends who also own the breed as well. You can navigate to it via the site or simply by clicking here. In addition to this we are extremely excited and very grateful to Wanda Sooby for providing us with the most comprehensive record of Spanish Water Dog breed lines that she has compiled since they were first accepted on to the Kennel Club's Import Breed Register in 1992. This record can be accessed again via the site or by clicking here.

One final thing before I sign off and that's a request for your help. We are currently in the process of building a legacy page on the website to hold all the old NewsSplash editions that were previously issued. We have managed to obtain some from the old website but are missing a number of them. If you still have an electronic copy (and know the password to it if it is locked), could I ask you to take a moment to forward it to us via email to We are eternally grateful for your help.

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