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As the year draws to an end ....

Well, the rotund man in the red suit has been and we hope that you all managed to have a reasonably happy Christmas, despite the current situation restricting movement all cross the UK, during what is usually, the busiest social event of the year!

As you are all potentially stuck indoors, we would like to make a last push to remind you to complete the SWD Breed Health Survey. ALL DOGS CAN BE INCLUDED !

Rescues, registered, unregistered, UK and abroad and even those who have passed over the rainbow bridge – all information is relevant. We only ask this of you every three years and it provides vital information and a ‘picture in time’ of our breed, which enables us to compare and contrast with previous surveys. This in turn helps us identify potential issues before they take hold and make informed decisions which will assist breeders of future generations.

Please help us make this a success. Here's to a healthy, safe and successful 2021 !

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