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Welcome to the website of The Spanish Water Dog Club, the only official Kennel Club breed club for Spanish Water Dogs.

The aims of the club are to encourage responsible ownership and breeding of Spanish Water Dogs and work towards maintaining the true characteristics and working ability of this magnificent breed.

We are extremely passionate and proud of these wonderful dogs and believe they are most versatile breed out there, the only ones that can truly turn their paws to anything.

Our aim is to bring you content to deliver a true understanding of all that Spanish Water Dogs have to offer, so that both existing and prospective owners can learn about all the exciting things you can do with these curly coated companions.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, explore the site and delve into the world of Spanish Water Dogs. 

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Have you thought about adopting a Spanish Water Dog?


  Spanish Water Dog Rescue are a UK based independent body of volunteers that operate a rescue and rehoming service for abandoned Spanish Water Dogs.

Click to above image to visit the Spanish Water Dog Rescue website

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