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The Kennel Club have responded to the recent increase in demand for puppies by producing some excellent information and guides to follow when researching a breed and finding a breeder when you feel the time is right for a puppy to join your home.

#BePuppywise checklist:

✓ Make sure you’re ready for a dog

✓ Find the right breed for you

✓ Know what a responsible breeder looks like, consider a Kennel Club Assured Breeder

✓ Find out which health tests to look for

✓ Visit the breeder and see your puppy in its breeding environment, with its mum

✓ Be aware of rogue breeder red flags

✓ Take time with your decision

✓ Prepare for the arrival of your puppy

✓ Research puppy training and understand how to be a responsible dog owner

✓ Enjoy life with your new best friend!

More information and useful tips:

Or visit the SWDC Puppy Buyers' Guide here

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