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Whitfun Summerfun - 30th Celebrations !

Another great weekend was enjoyed by many SWDC members at SWD Rescue’s Whitfun Summerfun. Greatly organised and orchestrated by Kylee Noad, old hands and new got to spend time working with their dogs.

Lots of great activities such as parkour, rally, hoopers, agility, scentwork and a packed timetable, to enable all attendees to try out different disciplines, or just watch the others work, whilst eating cake!

A very inclusive event, with young puppies through to old timers, dogs with wheels and some without sight. A smattering of non-Spanish too, with GSDs, Malonois, Collies, Heinz 57s and cocker spaniels all welcomed too.

Next year’s Whitfun will return in 2023, date to be confirmed. Keep your eyes open so you don’t miss the SWD premiere event of the year.

Well done to all the volunteers who support this event.

Whilst supporting this event, SWD Rescue very kindly gave us permission to present the very first SWDC Remote Water Awards - congratulations to Jenny Abrahams and Ziggy who achieved their Levels 1 and 2 and a massive well done to Jenny Hall and Tia - the first blind dog and handler to achieve this accolade

If you would like to know more about our remote water assessments, please contact Kate Wilden at

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