Below you will find a list of the events currently being proposed/held by the Spanish Water Dog Club.  Please ensure to scroll down through all the page to ensure you don't miss any.

Please support the SWD Glaucoma DNA research campaign

Water Training Weekends

Hosted by Swim 4 Paws


Proposed Dates for 2021

Bookings for training and arrangement of time slots are to be made directly with Swim 4 Paws. 

Pat Booth will be in attendance on the stated dates to provide training and assistance assessments

12/13 June - SWDC Water Training

10/11 July - SWDC Water Training

25/26 September - SWDC Water Training


Venue:      SWIM4PAWS

Address:   Mooredge Cottage, Moorwood Lane, Sheffield S17 3BS

Times:      Saturdays 9 am – 6 pm,  Sundays 9am – 6pm

Cost:         £30 per half hour (a collection will be taking place on the day towards DNA Research                                                          Fund)

Email:       Nigel Haslam via or phone 07831 879809 to book


The water training sessions are being operated by Swim4Paws and are operating on half hour slots.  On the dates specified, SWD water specialist Pat Booth will be available to provide training and guidance on specific Spanish Water Dog water training attributes to work towards the breed Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.


We focus our training around the SWDC Natural Aptitude Tests which you can read about in the Water Training section of our website.


We welcome dogs of all abilities to try their paws at swimming, boating, retrieving and the ultimate diving.


You can book a 1-hour session which we split into 2 x 30 Minute sessions

giving your dog chance to rest and not get overtired or overexcited - this will be more beneficial and provide a more rewarding session.


As well as enjoying the swim, you will be contributing to the Clubs health initiative to raise money to fund research to find the gene that causes a predisposition to Primary Glaucoma in our breed - an amount from your fee will be allocated towards the £10,000 that the SWDC are seeking to raise.  The DNA Test will be invaluable to Breeders in the future to help them breed out this painful eye condition that inevitably leads to blindness.


So, if you would like to join the growing group of Water Enthusiasts and enjoy your dog demonstrating tasks expected of them historically, as a working perro in coastal fishing ports in his home country of Spain, or if you would like to see if they can Dive under the water to retrieve a lost item or jump from a boat and rescue you, by pulling you to safety, then this is the weekend for you and your curly best friend.  

Please be aware the event sells out fast and there are limited places.


In the future we will be setting up the ability for owners to achieve the Bronze and Silver Level Certificates through an online submission process.  Your dog will be able to achieve these levels by you sending in videos of your performing performing the skills at each level.  More details on how to do this will be announced soon on the Club webpages.

Downloadable details of the criteria for Bronze and Silver Awards can be found below.

Water Test Bronze and Silver Criteria

A Spanish Water Dog Diving underwater for a retrieve

The Spanish Water Dog Club is proud to be  recognised as the only official Kennel Club Breed Club for the Spanish Water Dog in the UK.

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An SWD Diving underwater for a retrieve