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Official Statement


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Spanish Water Dog Club Official Statement

We are delighted to announce the official working test and the TCAN (Test of Character and Natural Aptitud) for the Spanish Water Dog have just been formally approved by the RSCE, The Spanish Central Kennel Club, after years of development in Spain by the AEPAE. All the rules have been approved and will be implemented along with judges education. You can view everything on the RSCE website. We have been working on a full translation of the working tests and TCAN tests and will publish these shortly on our website. The working test is a big step forward for the breed in Europe and to compete officially you will have to do so in European countries under FCI rules and regulations.

The Spanish Water Dog Club will fully support the new tests and aim to hold unofficial working tests here in the future as they will not be recognised by our KC. As the tests evolve we will advise everyone accordingly. We are told this is only the start and additions like hunting will be added as the tests evolve in the future. All aspects included are the basics of our Minority Spaniel working tests, for example retrieving on land and water, obedience, steadiness, searching and handler competence.

We feel that these tests are a great addition to add to our official UK Gundog group placing of Minority Spaniel, in which the Spanish Water Dog is proving very successful. It is great to be part of a very exciting time for the breed and hopefully these tests secure that our breed will always be a multifunctional working dog of excellent balanced character. We will also be holding a seminar on the TCAN tests to demonstrate to everyone the reasons why the TCAN is so important for the future of the breed. The Spanish Water Dog Club is proud to be working alongside the AEPAE in preserving the true characteristics of our breed.

Kind Regards Nigel Egginton, Secretary, Spanish Water Dog Club.

2017 Heats – Obreedience


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The qualifying heats for the Obreedience competition at Crufts 2018 have been announced!

The heats, held throughout the year at various dog shows around the country, including breed club shows, general championship shows and obedience shows, will enable teams to compete to accumulate points at as many heats as they choose. Further heats may be announced throughout 2017, and for clubs that would like to host a heat, there is still an opportunity to do so by completing this form.

The ten breed teams with the highest number of points will qualify to compete at Crufts 2018!*

*In the event that two or more teams of the same breed have the same number of points, the team which has achieved the highest placing at the heats will take precedence. A maximum of three breeds will be invited to compete in the final from any one breed group, subject to Kennel Club discretion.


2017 Health Survey


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Hi Everyone,

Is it that time again, we looking to gather details about the health of every SWDs. Please find below a form to complete for each dog.

We are looking for every detail you have about your SWD as possible. From dogs who have no health concerns to problems big or small – including dogs who have recently passed.

In order to reach every SWD owner, could you please help me by copying the link and send it to any friends/family/breeders, who we may not be able to reach on facebook or part of groups etc. As well as helping those who are not online.

If you have any questions or comments then please let us know.

This survey will be available for a couple of months, however please don’t leave it to the last min to complete.

Many thanks, Joy Middleton Breed Health Co-ordinator

2017 Dates for your Diary


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Please find a list of dates of SWDC Events throughout 2017.

5th March – Club Open Show

9th – 12th March – Crufts & Discover Dogs

26th March – AGM

23rd April – Water Training 

21st May – Water Training 

25th June – Water Training

29th June – Windsor Championship Show (non-CC) & Club Championship Show (CC)

23rd July – Water Training

13th August – Water Training

24th September – Water Training 

15th October – Water Training 

21st & 22nd October – Discover Dogs

More details on events as they happen so keep an eye on our news page.

2017 AGM Update


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Dear members,

I would like to take this opportunity to advise members of the results from the ballot for secretary and also advise the members of the current committee.

The secretary ballot was very well supported and the result was

Nigel Egginton 110 votes

Jenny Abrahams 54 votes.

I am deeply touched by your support and look forward to continuing the excellent progress made by the previous committee.

The SWDC current committee is

Anthony Allen, Chairman Nigel Egginton, Secretary Pat Booth, Treasurer Committee Sue Nichols-Ward, Vice Chair Joy Middleton, Health Coordinator James Newton. Julia Jackson. Fiona Donaldson. Jenny Abrahams. Michelle Thearle. Robin Walker. Rachel Leighton-Jones

The judges ballot results were

2020 SWDC Championship Show Antonio Garcia Perez

2018 Open Show Derick Smith.

We will be publishing the results and  photos of all the special award winners.

A huge thanks must go to Joy Middleton for her superb health presentation that very well received and clearly demonstrated to all members present the reasons why the committee want to introduce these new health test requirements for inclusion onto the SWDC breeders list. Full details are also on the club website HERE.

Thank you to everyone for your good wishes and your appreciation for all the hard work that the committee puts into running the club.

Kind Regards Nigel Egginton, Secretary, Spanish Water Dog Club