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Health Report 2018


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Health Report 2018: 

In light of the KC announcement yesterday and a number of questions the Secretary has received I thought it would be useful to circulate the Annual Health Report ahead of next month’s AGM.

Survey 2017 

A massive thank you to everyone who took part in the 2017 Breed Health Survey. We have an amazing turn out from owners in the UK, in addition owners from 10 different counties also contributed giving us a really robust sample. It is lovely to see so many people take part for the development and progression of the breed. The survey has been designed to give the Spanish Water Dog Club an insight in how the breed is developing and help review/check any health issues that might be around before they develop.

As there is so much information to process and review, our health team are writing a much more detailed report on the survey. The presentation and report will be available for everyone to read shortly and if you have any questions we would encourage you to get in touch.

Questions Following the AGM 2017

Thank you to those who sent us questions after the AGM 2017. Our Health Team have been reviewing the questions asked, research papers, Kennel Club etc.

Recognition of CHG and NAD

Upon review of the survey 2017 this has shown that there are a number of dogs in the UK who have been tested as affected and carriers. We estimate that following these results around 15% of the UK population could be carriers (both CHG and NAD).

Following these results we have been in talks with the KC regarding the results and the tests.

Recording of bobtail/mid-tail/long-tail in SWD.

There is already the options for breeders to record if a puppy has been born with a natural bobtail on the registration documents. These are clearly displayed in the Breed Record Supplements.

The KC are unable at this time to include mid-tail or long-tail to the registrations.

Record DNA tests for bobtail gene (Brachyury gene)

We have been advised that at this time the KC will only record dogs on their registration as bobtail. The Kennel Club only record DNA disease test results at this time, so they will not record the gene test. It might be something that is reconsidered, along with colour and coat tests, however this more like in the distant future. The KC have advised that Breeders are welcome to carry out the tests and record their own data at this time.

Health Seminar 2017

The health team apologise that we have been unable to hold a Health Seminar during 2017 as we had hoped to do. Due to the scale and time that has gone into the 2017 Health Survey this was not logistically possible to achieve. This is priority for 2018.

Introduction of CHG and NAD for Spanish Water Dogs 

We are pleased to announce (although much quicker than we anticipated) that after discussing the initial health survey results with the Kennel Club, they have decided to approve two new official DNA testing schemes for neuroaxonal dystrophy (NAD) and congenital hypothyroidism with goiter (CHG) to be included on the breeds health check list. This is a KC tool is primarily aimed at helping SWD breeders to have all information available to make informed decision on future breeding plans.

As Breed Health Co-ordinator we have been working with the Kennel Club following the 2017 Breed Health Survey to look at options. While discussing the information the Kennel Club have decided to recognise these tests, (with rather unhelpful timing and unusual quickness for the KC) this is before the Health team could update the membership at the SWDC AGM, which would be our normal course of action. I do hope that you will as we do see this as a big step forward for the breed.

We would like to encourage Breeders and Owners to review the information about testing and diseases mentioned. Our Health Team would like to encourage people who are considering breeding to have their dogs tested and to send their results to the KC to be recorded. We would like to remind breeders that they need to consider these tests in context when breeding from their dogs. As they would with any of the existing health tests within SWD – hip scoring, eye testing, pra-prcd etc.

Dogs who are tested for CHG and NAD will be recorded as – Clear, Carriers, or Affected. Please note that being a Carrier or Affected does not preclude a dog from being bred from but does mean the breeder should use a clear dog as a mate.

The reason that we recommend owners/breeders take part in testing is to check their dog’s status for known simple inherited disorders. This way, as a breed, we can steer away from known inherited diseases before the dogs are bred from. Testing all potential breeding dogs, where relevant, allows breeders to determine the chance a dog may pass a disease causing gene on to it offspring.

The Kennel Club has some useful information about DNA Testing & Simple Inherited Disorders:

Both tests can be done with a simple DNA swab and the results recorded directly from the laboratory or by sending certificates directly to the Kennel Club –

Please find details of the Kennel Club Press Release on their website:

If you want to get your dog tested then there is a currently a 10% with Labokin 

Labolkin have kindly offered the SWDC members 10% off DNA testing. If you are interested in this offer, please contact our Health Team – Joy Middleton, who can email you a form/code to send off with your tests.

Gonioscopy / Eye Testing: 

The BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme is currently trialling a pilot scheme for gonioscopy grading which allows for more informed breeding decisions.

This pilot study was started in July 2017, and assessed by the KC Working Party in November 2017. Although the pilot study has been successful so far it has been agreed this pilot study continue to gather further information. This will be reviewed again until July 2018.

Under this pilot scheme, dogs are either classified as Grade 0 (unaffected), Grade 1 (mildly affected), Grade 2 (moderately affected) or Grade 3 (severely affected).

Grade Gonioscopic Findings Breeding Advice 0 Normal iridocorneal angle (ICA) with no/minimal (0%-<1%) pectinate ligament abnormality (PLA) Advice: Normal iridocorneal angle – highly unlikely to develop primary glaucoma

Suitable for breeding 1 1-25% of ICA affected by PLA Advice: mildly affected – unlikely to develop primary glaucoma

Suitable for breeding 2 26-75% of ICA affected by PLA Advice: moderately affected – low risk of development primary glaucoma

Breed specific advise required if breeding considered 3 >75% of ICA affected by PLA Advice: severely affected – highest risk of developing primary glaucoma

Not recommended for breeding

The above table has been taken with permission from the Kennel Club’s information regarding “Breeding Advice.” This advice may change, however, as further research is performed. 

For the pilot scheme it has also been advised that those getting their dogs tested should do this every 3 years, so the date of the last examination falls within 3 years if the date of birth of a litter. BVA have advised that, whilst 1 and 4 years of age are suggested time points, the final examination could beneficially be timed to coincide with the reduced price senior dog eye examinations at 8 years of age or over.

This does affect those in the KC Assured Breeders Scheme going forward who are advised to following the new pilot scheme. Members are being given around 6 month’s grace period to account for any existing breeding plans.

If you have any queries about the guidance or any aspect of Gonioscopy examinations please contact the Canine Health Scheme team at the BVA (tel: 0207 908 6380, email:

Free Resourced with the Kennel Club Academy: 

Focusing on Canine Genetics. The KC have developed this resource to encompass a number of elements to do with DNA, Gene, Mutations, Genetic Mutations, single mutation test, linkage test, panel test and DNA profile.

This resource will be useful to any breeders/owners who seek advise when considering breeding from their dogs and want to make informed breeding decisions prior to doing so.

I do hope that you have found this update useful and if you have any comments or thoughts you would like to be discussed at the Health update after the AGM please let us know as sadly I can’t be there this year but I can prepare information in advance.

To download a copy of the Health Report, please click on the link below:

With best wishes

Joy Middleton

SWDC Health Co-ordinator


SWDC – Gundog Assessment Day


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** IMPORTANT NOTICE ** Sadly due to concerns over alabama rot, illness and low entries. We are proposing this event for the time being. We are sorry for any disappointment this may cause. As soon as we have an alternative date we will publish it. Thank you for your patience and understanding SWDC Team


The SWDC are pleased to be putting on a working Assessment Day. Details about the event can be found below:

Location: A field off A35 (Bloxworth Training Ground, Bloxworth, BH20 7EU)

By Kind Permission: The Macdonald-Smith Family of Bloxworth Estate (home of Corbinsbere Gundogs)

Date/Time: On Saturday 28th April 2018 at 9.30am

Judges: Mr Chris Page and Mrs Carol Page



Please remember to bring something for the Raffle and your loose change to buy some raffle tickets.

Any questions please contact – Nigel Egginton, email –

Best wishes,

SWDC Team.



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Dear Members,

Please be advised that the notice of the Annual General Meeting together with nominations for the committee is now available to be downloaded. We are looking for committee members to fit a number of positions and all the details about the “Vision” for the SWDC can be found below:



All nominations need to be received (postmarked) no later then – Saturday 1st February 2018.

All Nominees must be paid up members of at least one year’s standing. Nominations are required for the Honorary Treasurer and up to 6 Committee Members.

The AGM will be held:

TIME: 24th March 2018 at 11:30am LOCATION: Wymeswold Memorial Hall, Clay Street, Wymeswold, Leicestershire, LE12 6TY

Members will also be notified by the usual group email, please remember to check your spam.

Please also find attached the summary of the committee meetings available for all members to read: CLICK HERE

It will be great to see as many of you as posible at the AGM.

Kind Regards Nigel Egginton Secretary, Spanish Water Dog Club

2018 Membership



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Its that time of year again to renew your membership or join the SWDC.

You can either complete the form online through our Membership Page HERE:

How to Join

Or download the form and send in. There are a couple of different formats depending on your computer:

Word Document HERE

PDF Document HERE

Mac Document HERE

Any questions please let us know.

Joy Middleton

We Are Seeking Your Vision for the Future.


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Spanish Water Dog Club Official Statement We Are Seeking Your Vision for the Future.


Dear Members We are starting a New Year for the Spanish Water Dog Club and approach the Clubs 15th AGM. So, before our next committee meeting, scheduled for 13th January, we would like to ask you all to spare a moment to tell us if you are completely satisfied with the direction of your club and how you see it’s role in the future? Over the last few years your officers and the committee have concentrated on securing the protection of the breed within the regulations directed by the Kennel Club, finally getting the breed formally recognised. This means that Spanish Water Dogs have after 25 years in the UK achieved the recognition to be UK KC Champions both in the Show Ring and GunDog Group – Minority Breed Spaniel. To cement this achievement in 2017 your current committee members successfully hosted the first CC Show at Windsor and, for the first time ever, a Minority Spaniel Kennel Club Working Gun Dog Test. Along with all the necessary education for Judges, as required by the the KC to achieve this, both these events were major milestones towards the breed’s final official recognition by the UK’s governing body, the Kennel Club. Having achieved all this some of your committee members feel they are at a cross roads, as most of the work for the breed in these areas no longer needs pioneering, requiring now a maintaining and improving programme already set up, for 3 or more years, to satisfy the Spanish Water Dog Breed Club’s Kennel Club status. There are 3 vacant committee places, and more will be available. As determined by the Club rules of a 3 year rotation plan positions will be advised to the members after the meeting on January 13th 2018. The committee feel it is vitally important for you to have your say in the direction of your club as it evolves further, to advise us of changes you would like to suggest and more importantly to get involved with planning and executing those changes, by joining the committee. We would be grateful if any current members, of over one year standing by 1st Jan 2018, would advise us of your interest to join the committee and please send us a few lines sharing your vision for the Club’s future whether you feel able to join the committee or not. Please send your thoughts to any of your Officers Chairman Antony Pat Treasurer or Nigel Secretary Kind Regards Ant, Pat and Nigel