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Health Tests

The Spanish Water Dog Club is doing its utmost to maintain and improve health of the breed and there are various health tests available for your Spanish Water Dog. These tests are a requirement if you wish to breed.

There is currently a one off eye examination carried out by an Ophthalmologist to determine the level of predisposition to Glaucoma. This will produce a Pass or Fail result.

This is also a one off test. A blood sample or cheek swab should be taken by your vet and is sent away to an approved company for testing. This will produce a clear, carrier or affected result.

Annual Eye Test
This is a test performed annually, by an Ophthalmologist, to determine if the dog currently has any of the several different types of PRA or abnormalities.

An x-ray is taken by a vet, of the dogs hips and is submitted to the B.V.A. where a panel of experts study the x-ray and determine the ‘score’. A number is allocated to each hip in various columns and a total for each hip is entered on the certificate. This certificate will then be sent to you either directly or via your vet.

Canine Leishmaniasis
We would suggest all Spanish Water Dogs coming into the UK from abroad are tested for this disease by your vet. Although not currently widespread in this country we have had cases of this debilitating, potentially fatal disease in the breed. Treatment and a preventative vaccine are now available.