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Proposed Breed Standard Update


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The Committee would like to thank all members who took the time to respond to the consultation on the breed standard, it was great to see the response and our membership so engaged.

In general we received a number of very constructive points for consideration. There were some comments from members where it appeared they had taken the translated Spanish standard as the proposal, rather than the actual proposal (that was the PowerPoint that was presented at the AGM).

Following a significant discussion the Committee has asked the group that formulated the original proposal to review the comments made by members.

The Committee also reiterated that;

• Firstly, the Club’s objective should continue to be keeping the UK standard as closely aligned to the Spanish standard as possible – albeit in the KC format.
• Secondly, before we can move forward, we need to wait for the FCI to approve the breed standard that has been forwarded to them, by the RSCE, in Spain. Once this is approved, the breed standard sub group, can work on aligning our proposal, with the FCI standard, taking into account the concerns of our members and deliver it, presented in a format, that is acceptable to our KC.
• Thirdly, we should expedite the process for a proposal to be put before the membership and if agreed, subsequently forwarded on to the Kennel Club, so that there is a clear position before Challenge Certificates are awarded at Crufts 2017.

To clarify our terms of approval, the Kennel Club have indicated that ideally they would like to have the proposed aligned breed standard put before the Kennel Club breed standards subcommittee, at their September 2016 meeting, hopefully to enable them to recommend it for approval, by the KC general committee meeting in early 2017. We realise that this process, is wholly dependent on the timescale of when we receive conformation, from FCI, that the proposed Spanish standard, has been approved. Consequently, at this moment in time, we are unable to give a clear indication of when we will call the SGM, for members to consider the proposed aligned breed standard but we aim to give members as much notice as possible. The SGM will be held centrally and hopefully, before the end of August 2016 with as much notice as possible, allowing for the 14 days’ notice period.

I trust this clarifies our current situation together with any queries you have, we will return to the membership, as soon as we have completed the work outlined above.

With my best wishes

Anthony Allen
Spanish Water Dog Club